Saw the Headline and Thought “Lesbian Rapist? It’s Possible” But I Can’t Even Analyze This Level of Crazy

Originally Published on 09/10/2015sex crime

If this woman was violated in this outrageous way, it should be taken very seriously as all female on female assaults should. But this is a crazy story. The Guardian has an article “Woman who claims she was tricked into sex with friend was lesbian, court told

Details. The woman claims she was always blindfolded and had sex with this woman with a prosthetic penis and didn’t know it. Apparently…

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had earlier testified to having willingly worn the blindfold during numerous sexual encounters with someone she believed was Kye Fortune. She said Kye told her he was recovering from a brain tumour and did not want her to see his scars

The couple spent at least 100 hours together doing things like watching television but the accuser states she always wore a blindfold so didn’t know she was spending time and having sex with a women not a man.

The accused said they had met in person face to face at a bar and this was all an intentional role-play fantasy. But the accused also apparently was being deceptive about her identity with another woman on Facebook as well.

Bizarre details abound.

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