Yet More Research Shows Lesbian Legal Unions Are the Most Unstable

Originally Posted 11/02/2015lesbian symbol

An article titled “Lesbians twice as likely as gay men to end civil unions” appeared in the Financial Times last week which is a pay site. There is a write up in Breitbart. I don’t mind the concept of a conservative newspaper but Breitbart, like almost all conservative sites, is such a dishonest operation I won’t even link to it here.

The civil union stats are from Britain and the law firm Collier Bristow compiled the study. I talk about this extensively in this post “Lesbian Relationships are the Most Unstable- Why?.” Cliff notes= heterosexual women also request divorce more, lack of cultural support, uhauling, sexual issues, civil unions aren’t the same as marriage, gay men’s official relationships are more stable (not more stable in general), possible stressors due to small dating pools.

I am going to say something people will not like. Although children raised by lesbians are shown to do just as well or even better than children raised by heterosexual couples, this significantly higher dissolution rate of lesbian relationships is a legitimate issue for adoption agencies to consider when placing children. It won’t happen, as other ethnic groups also have issues with higher divorce rates and so applying this criteria creates legal discrimination issues. But morally is it a legitimate issue to consider? I think so. I personally have a traditional viewpoint in terms of working out your issues when children are involved. Lesbians have been shown to be great parents by almost all sociological studies on the issue. I understand sometimes things do not work out in relationships. But when you involve children I think it is best for lesbians/bi women to acknowledge that high break up rates are an issue in our community. And should consider this when they have children so they can create the most stable home possible for the kids.

I don’t want this website to be all about pointing out lesbian’s unstable relationships, but rather what can we do about that issue? And what is ultimately going to make people happy. In the future I would like to list the best resources available for women in same-sex relationships that want to keep their relationships together, just so we can all make the best decisions for ourselves and our families as possible.

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