Summer Weddings are Here: Adorable Lesbian Toppers

When researching another topic I happened to come upon some pictures of lesbian wedding toppers. Since summer weddings are here and these toppers made me happy, I thought I would post some links to them. There are actually some really adorable and/or creative wedding toppers out there for lesbian/same-sex couples.  Happy June wedding!

wedding-toppers lesbian at Unique Cake

Femmes and their cats. They look so happy







wedding toppers lesbian Vespa by MudcardHave fun tripping around the Keys on a Vespa.







wedding toppers lesbian canada geese by Becky KazanaBirds! (click on pics for links)






wedding-toppers lesbian flamingos

wedding toppers lesbian hummingbirds by Becky Kazana

wedding toppers lesbian sexy Sexy






wedding-toppers lesbian dirt bikesI had a Yamaha dirt bike that looked like this. My wife has been riding since she was 12.








wedding-topper-day-of-dead-lesbianHere is my absolute favorite. It is past the Day of the Dead but if you are planning a fall wedding ladies check this out








wedding topper lesbian cuteJust Cute

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    Wedding cake caterers often assume that the bride and groom will want a wedding cake topper that is in effect a replica of the bride and groom.


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