This Story of a Custody Battle Between a Surrogate Mother and a Gay Male Couple is Sad: But What the Heck is Up with the This?

British judges outfits and wigs onOriginally Posted 11/15/2015

There is an article in the Daily Mail about a woman that had to hand over her baby to a gay male couple because she had agreed to be a surrogate for the father. This is not surprisingly, a homophobic article coming from the Daily Mail.

Although sperm donation, surrogate mothers, and parental rights are definitely huge issues for gays and lesbians/bi women in same sex relationships who want a family, that is not why I posted this.

It was to make fun of British judge outfits. Uuuhhh? How can anyone take anyone seriously who is dressed like that in the 21st century?

British judge wig outfit

Revealed: The chilling details of a judgment which ordered a mother to hand over her baby to a gay ouple and the gagging order that prevented her from telling her story



More stories about English judges who look ridiculous in those threads…

The wig of a High Court judge flaps in the wind in a file photo. REUTERS/Ian Waldie

Wigs off as Britain ends courtroom tradition (The wig of a British High Court judge flaps in the wind during a procession from Temple Bar to Westminster Abbey in central London, in this file photo from October 1, 2001)




5 Things That Are Different About British Courts (Two judges getting their wigs right before the Annual Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey, which starts the legal year.)



BTW- I’m a huge fan of the country and people of Britain. Please don’t takes this personally.

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