More People are Speaking Out About Concerns About Transing Children

I am posting a link to Magdalen Bern’s youtube video about diagnosing young children as transgender and transitioning them. I have been immersing myself in research on the trans youth issue. There are exploding numbers of children being diagnosed as transgender. Most gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay or lesbian, not trans. I will be blogging about this a lot in the future as someone that was supportive of affirming trans youth but after researching this have become skeptical that they can truly isolate only would be trans adults in this process.

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  1. J

    I grew up in the 1950′ & 60’s and this was never an issue. Yes, there was a gay boy in my junior high school class of 250 students and my friend and neighbor girl was a lesbian. But no one expressed any interest in being the opposite sex. I would have taken notice if they were hiding their true and intended, but opposite gender. It just wasn’t common back then or, pre-1990’s for that matter.

    On another note, I think that bringing up the topic to a young child would be confusing. If my mother had asked me if I felt like a girl or a boy I would have been upset and scared for her, thinking is there something wrong with mommy if my own mother doesn’t know if I am a girl or a boy. It leaves the child with a very unsettling feeling, which is unfair to do to the child. We also don’t want to plant ideas in their head.

    Realistically, young children aren’t capable of hiding that from their parents, that is, if the parents know the specific signs to watch for, as all parents should. So, don’t ask, just watch.


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