LGBTQ Student Union Group at Goldsmiths University of London- Condemned a Moderate Intellectual Woman- Because When She Criticizes Muslims Throwing Gay Men Off of Buildings- it Hurts Muslim Men of Color’s Feelings

Brit College Students Batty as American Ones!

Brit College Students Crazy as American Ones!

Originally Posted 12/15/2015

Ridiculous title for a ridiculous situation. I don’t really know what else to say about this stupidity of this lgbt student organization. They turned their back on the concept of free speech by trashing the ex-Muslim thinker Maryam Namazie, by siding with a Muslim student group that wanted to no-platform her and later aggressively harassed her during her talk on women rights. The feminist society on campus did as well. The best write up on the gay angle is on Godless Spellchecker’s Blog. I was waiting to see if they would come to their senses and apologize but they have not as of now.

Lesbians and bisexual women in previous generations fought so hard for women’s rights and homosexual rights so that these English queers could live relatively safe, happy, free lives, using made up pronouns. Addressing religious bigotry of women and homosexuals has been a cornerstone of lgbt and women’s activism.

Maryam Namazie is literally risking death for standing up to the misogyny and abuse of women and gays in Muslim societies. These attitudes are not just among extremists but endemic to these cultures. Maryam Namazie is of Persian descent and these are the people that can most effectively address these issues. The fact that these queers would condemn this extremely brave woman makes me angry, then makes me depressed. I am particularly disgusted with any lesbians (who have a proud tradition of sticking up for these issues) that supported this move. Criticizing culture is not bigotry or racism. Persian, Egyptian, and Iraqi cultures were the first and most advanced civilizations in the world at one point in time. They can be great again if they join the 21st century. And I think they will eventually. And Maryam Namazie is trying to help make that happen.

This “safe space” movement is a travesty and has to end. College campuses are becoming daycare centers and the screaming infants are running the asylum. Is it the helicopter parenting? Johnathan Haidt thinks so.

To comment go here or here. Many articulate comments have been made by people from Muslims cultures themselves.

Update 2/15/16 And now this Peter Tatchell Called Racist and Transphobic: Another Example of Irrationality Among Young Queer Activists

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