Great Article in Autostraddle about Fighting in Lesbian Relationships

Originally Published 10/13/2015

I recommend this Autostraddle article where they compiled answers they received when they asked about women in lesbian relationships and fighting. The survey results are published in “What Do Women In Lesbian Relationships Fight About?” The top 3 were relationship expectations, pet peeves, and sex. I appreciate them doing surveys like this. I wish in this article that they had tied it into the quality and stability of lesbian relationships overall. Here I discuss the seemingly very high break up rates in same-sex relationships between women.

For ladies that want a same-sex, long-term relationship my best advice is if the argument isn’t about big topics like money, kids, or sex learn to let it sliiiiiiide. Also, it is normal to get angry and annoyed living with another human being. That is inevitable. But if you learn to let the anger go after an argument and go back to focusing on your love for your partner that is huge. My wife taught me that most valuable lesson. We have been together for almost 2 decades and we are still going to argue because that woman is just bossy and I am so annoyingly ADD. But after the flash of frustration is gone, we move on to being so grateful for each other. This to me is so much better than a spending a lifetime filled with break ups. Serial monogamy isn’t for me.

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