Gay Male and Bisexual Male Couple – So Adorable and Good for Gay/Bi Relations

Originally Published 09/24/2015gay male/bisexual couple

This article in the Huffington Post “On Loving a Bisexual Man” is the kind of article I love to see. It is written by a gay man in a relationship with a bisexual man. Recently, there has been article, after article, after article, after article, in online newspapers about bisexuals, usually decrying the bad treatment they receive from the gay community, and in these articles they are always married to/dating opposite sex partners. And this is wonderful and great for them and to be expected since the population of dateable queers is pretty low. But these articles (airing totally valid grievances) do nothing for the gay/lesbian crowd who believe that bisexuals don’t take their same-sex relationships seriously because so few of them wind up in them long-term. The last poll on this (Pew, 2013) had bisexuals in committed same sex relationships at %9. Higher then the population of queers (probably around %3-%4) but still most people who self label as bisexual are in opposite sex relationships. I think it would be great if more bisexuals or gays/lesbians partnered with bisexuals would write articles like this. It will have more of a positive impact than exclusively running articles about bisexuals in opposite-sex relationships. Gay/bi couples do exists and some are quite happy.

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