Equal Rights for Access to Ta-Tas for All!!!- Lesbians Denied Entry to Strip Club

breast egyptionOriginally Published 09/18/2015

So a lesbian couple is outraged they were turned away from a strip club in Miami Beach. Florida is hardly a bastion of progressive thought but Miami? Although I am a serious voyeur, I never liked the idea of cheap thrills for money. I’m very sentimental about women and don’t like treating them like pieces of meat if I’m not %100 certain they are being treated well and doing it because they enjoy it. I went to a “strip club” once that was more progressive but the women never actually removed their tops and all seemed to have “real” day jobs. One was a Phd, one was getting her masters in social work, and one had a good paying job but was just an exhibitionist. My wife goes out with her guy friends to full nudity strip clubs in a progressive area so they aren’t super sleazy. They have food menus as well and full up close nudity, which adds a whole new meaning to the “Surf and Turf” dinner plate option. Not my thing, even though no one appreciates the naked female form more then I do. I went to a fantastic burlesque show recently that was true high art. The dancers were top notch, the choreography and costumes were beautiful, and the space funky and fun. That was my kind of show. Women being able to be sexy, artistic, and be paid good money in a safe, sex positive environment.

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