Trans Clinics-Risks to LGB Youth?

With the rise of transgender issues in the media there have been dramatic increases in numbers of children and teens being referred to gender dysphoria clinics. There is also a new trend that the number of young females has drastically risen relative to males. Because most gender dysphoric children grow out of gender dysphoria and are more likely to be gay or lesbian adults, the child transition issue could potentially have a negative affect on the gay and lesbian community. The question is, “Can the children that will and will not grow out of it actually be isolated at young ages or not?” Children are being socially transitioned as young as five years old. This potentially creates a very confusing situation for a child that may start to become comfortable with their natal gender. Or administering hormone blockers at the onset of puberty may prevent children from growing out of gender dysphoria. There is disagreement on this even among professionals. This website recognizes trans rights and the rights of adults to make whatever decisions they so choose. I will not comment on what is the best mode of treatment for trans children nor do I wish to interfere with trans people’s rights in any way. I recognize early intervention has shown to improve mental health of trans children. How transgenderism in youth and adults is treated is the business of the trans community and mental health and medical professionals. There is only one question I seek to answer…

Do Youth Transgender Diagnoses Put Would Be Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adults at Risk for Unnecessary Medical Intervention?

I am mainly interested in statistics and sociological studies on this issue. I’m not personally interested in looking at this from a feminist, anti-medical, or any other particular perspective on this topic. Although, I intend to explore all reasonable arguments.

Links Critical of Transitioning Youth 

You may find links here to more radical left-wing or extreme right-wing websites, even sites that engage in what I consider hate-speech. I don’t endorse all opinions expressed in articles I link to and may adamantly disagree with some of the positions others who are concerned about youth transition may take. But unfortunately liberal or even moderate websites, as well as the LGBT press, refuse to give this issue the attention it deserves. Until that changes I, and some others like me, are going to have to resort to promoting articles and networking with others we my disagree with. I have seen numerous examples of people having very reasonable comments expressing worry over child transitions on mainstream liberal websites swiftly deleted. So if you object to some of my links blame them. The censorship around this issue is extremely intense amongst the liberal establishment.

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