Resources Helping Make Same-Sex Relationships Between Women Better– This is a sweet, positive website valuing ways to keep a same-sex partnership together.– Articles written by Kathy Belge “Lesbian Life Expert.” There are many links on the bottom of the page to multipl articles on practical advice on same-sex relationships and sex.

Lesbianloveguru– When I read ”I am a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University and a founding member of Impact (International Membership of Professional Advisers, Coaches, and Trainers)” I was skeptical as some life coach stuff sounds like BS to me. But I really like everything I have read on her website. Like the other links above it, promotes a positive attitude and self-awareness.– This is a matchmaking service which some may not be interested in or be able to afford. But it has lots of practical relationship and dating advice on their blog. They also hold speed-dating events.

A Late Life Lesbian Story– “Coming out and sharing my story to help others.” Her email is on her webpage if you want to join their later in life lesbian Facebook group.