Reasons Why it is Important to Note Lesbians and Bisexuals Are Not Always the Same: Bisexuals Have Higher Rates of Eating Disorders.

Originally Published 09/03/2015

The article “Eating Disorders More Common in Bisexual Women” in News Medical provides a good example as to while there is a lot of overlap between lesbians and bisexuals, distinct patterns often emerge in studies of lesbians and bisexuals between the two groups. This study from Drexel University shows that lesbians and heterosexual women have the same rate of eating disorders but…

Those who reported being attracted to both sexes, however, had significantly higher scores, on average, than those only attracted to one sex.

More surprisingly, according to the researchers, females who were unsure of who they were attracted to reported the highest disordered eating symptoms scores of all.

The queer community is very small and it is difficult for everyone’s individual needs to be addressed. The main focus of this website is women who want/are in same-sex relationships so I can’t delve into all of the details as to why bisexual women, who are mostly partnered to men, are having so many problems in areas of abuse and mental health. But I hope the bisexual community will focus on ways to help this situation.

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