The purpose of The Homoarchy

1) To provide lesbians and bisexual women who are in, or interested in serious same sex relationships with accurate information about how to have successful love and sex lives with other women. Queer women who want to be with other women don’t have many role models or places to go that discuss these issues.

2) To deal openly and honestly about the issues in the queer community in ways that are supported by facts, not anecdotes, and do not cave to pressures of political correctness nor devolve into bigotry.

3) To try to support respect for lesbian identity and interests (not that all have the same point of view) while also respecting bi and trans identities. Here are a few points that will be emphasized on this website…

  • Not all queer women are open to being with men. Women that are exclusively homosexual exist.
  • Homosexual women deserve to have one word in the English language that describes them, lesbian.
  • Bisexual identity is unique and should be valued. It’s impossible to make any generalized statements about this entire very diverse group.
  • People’s dating preferences deserve to be respected.

4) There is a time and place for queer culture, events, and pride parades, and to come together and support each other in our commonality of being different. But each community also needs to have a strong support system for their own issues and concerns. With the current dominance of transgenderism and bisexuality in the public discussion, lesbian issues will be the main focus of this website.

5) To bring attention to the abuse of LGBT people that is happening here in the U.S., but most seriously in non-Western countries.

6) To overtime expand this website to include intelligent commentators and provide some content that will interest younger as well as older lesbians/bisexual women that supports the interests and emotional health of women who share their lives with other women. This is a long-term project in its infancy.

7) To comment about any practices in the medical community that could harm the gay or lesbian community, such as anti-gay eugenics, etc. This is going to be a serious issue in the future with the advancement in knowledge of what causes homosexuality. I am also concerned about the rise in youth transgender diagnoses because there is a link between childhood gender dysphoria and adult homosexuality.

About Me

I am a middle age, mostly gay lady who has been out for over 25 years and have been with my amazing wife who I absolutely adore for almost 2 decades. I am very interested in all LGBT topics. Currently, I am most concerned with what is going on in the lesbian community and lesbian issues, as there doesn’t seem to be enough people around who are. I am especially interested in providing women in same sex-relationships with as much information as possible. I try to be a non-emotional thinker (not always easy) and base my arguments on facts whenever possible. My personal philosophy is to apply rational thought (based on empirical evidence) in support of a balance between the greater good and individual rights. I love music, art, science, traveling, reading, animals, plants, rocks/fossils, the outdoors, and most of all women.

-Justine Kreher

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” -Ben Shapiro (conservative commentator)

“Facts don’t care about your feelings. But hey, they don’t give a s*** about mine either.” (me)

about me

I don’t grow flowers. I just like to look at them.