Out Trans Woman Rises to the Highest Level in Society: But British Judge Outfits Still Hilarious

Originally Posted 02/02/2016

Considering trans woman tend to have very high rates of unemployment, and also experience pay reductions after transitioning to a woman, it is great news that Britain has promoted their first out transgender judge. However, being an amazing, successful, out trans woman does not protect you from looking ridiculous in those Alice Wonderland character outfits. If you are British and I am disrespecting something cultural you hold dear, “So sorry.”

Transgender woman British judgeAll rise for UK’s first transgender judge: Campaigners praise High Court ‘Master’ who went from Jason to Victoria





Pictures of British judges looking hilarious (there is such a thing as being overly attached to tradition)…

British judges dress and wigsBritish judge wig dress ruffleBritish judge wig red robes


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