Matt Walsh, Conservative Blogger Says “The LGBT agenda is an active threat to our children” Because of a Child Drag Queen. Meanwhile Straight Southern Women Have Been Dressing Their Girls Up as Strippers for Years.

So there is an 8-year-old child drag queen star in Canada.

And right-wing Christian conservative blogger, Matt Walsh is calling this child’s performances as being akin to pedophilia and sexual abuse.

First of all, I want to state that I completely agree that this is an inappropriate way for this child to behave in public. This behavior belongs in mom’s walk-in closet, where it used to live when kids played dress up. The reality is that there are flamboyant male children. I don’t have a problem with that. I celebrate and love that. Almost all of these kids will grow up to be gay men and a few, transgender MTFs. I frankly am much happier seeing a flamboyant boy expressing their “femininity” (for lack of a better term) than the barrage of stories of gender dysphoric effeminate males being socially transitioned and put on hormone blockers that sterilize them and may affect their psychosexual development. There is concern this could prevent them from outgrowing the gender dysphoria.

But parading any children around in public in makeup just isn’t appropriate. Makeup is integral to the culture of making women more sexually attractive to men. That is what makeup is primarily for. Yes, some women like to also look pretty in general to everyone, but the bottom line is makeup, like torturous high heels, equals increased f***ablity to men. That’s the truth. So while some young girls (and a few femme male children) are very focused on makeup, pink, princesses, and beauty, they should not parade around in public like this. It’s also important for parents in general, to put beauty into proper perspective, so the child has healthy expectations and a healthy relationship to their body.

But Matt Walsh made some intense allegations of child abuse by the entire “LGBT” community as if we are some kind of monolith. The headline in the Blaze reads “The LGBT agenda is an active threat to our children.”

The child has been “performing” in sexually charged drag shows in Montreal since he was 7. His “supportive” (read: abusive, insane, barbaric, Satanic) parents have encouraged his continued sexual exploitation. His mom even does his makeup for him.

and this

It’s not just that a child is being sexually abused, but that he’s being sexually abused to the sound of uproarious applause. And even those who are not applauding still have chosen not to protest. We are all just sitting by and offering our tacit or explicit approval as a child is turned into a circus act for homosexuals.

First of all, half of this crowd reads as liberal and “queer” women, hardly a hot bed of abusers of baby queenie pre-gays.


Matt Walsh doesn't like drag queen kids

Youtube: LGBT In The City

The other half are probably a mix of liberal and gay men. Gay men do drag for fun, to express their lipstick-femme femininity, because they enjoy beauty, and most notably, to mock the hell out of gender roles and humanity in general, as drags shows are rife with scathing humor and/or absurd costumes and makeup for parody. What Matt Walsh doesn’t realize is that drag queens aren’t sexually arousing to gay men at all. In fact, it’s a sexual turn off. This explains why gay men at the Advocate, who ran a story on this, would promote this. It doesn’t occur to them it could be read as sexual. The bulk of the gay male community isn’t at all sexually attracted to outright stereotypical femininity. It makes life difficult for flamers at times, even when they aren’t in drag. In fact, some very effeminate gay men wind up transitioning MTF to try to attract heterosexual men, because many gay men aren’t interested in them. There is a type of man attracted to extremely effeminate “woman” presenting males. It appears to be its own orientation, apart from gay men or heterosexual men. Regardless, I don’t want effeminate male or female children being paraded around in public wearing makeup and sashaying around. I don’t really trust certain men out there. I think there is plenty of historical evidence to back up that caution.

But of course Matt Walsh doesn’t mention the fact that there is an entire heterosexual subculture, mostly pushed, and enthusiastically so, by heterosexual women in the South and elsewhere, many of whom are Christians. These women have been dressing their little girls up as strippers for years. Child beauty pageants are so popular in conservative heterosexual quarters, it even had its own TV show Toddlers and Tiaras.


Source: Wikipedia

I did a Google search to determine if Matt Walsh has ever decried this hyper heterosexuallizing of young girls. I found nothing but will update this page if I learn something new. All of the exhibitionist personality type girls in these beauty pageants should be involved in dance, sports, acting, and singing. Not being dressed up to mimic prostitutes and shake their booties around.  But those are straight people, and as usual, straight people are treated with so much less scrutiny than gay ones by right-wing Christians. I’d like these right-wingers a lot better if that weren’t so true.

I think these pictures are gross but I’m still posting them to make a point about how gross these child beauty pageants are. And this is a culture staunchly reinforcing beauty norms of straight sexuality and defended by these heterosexual mothers.

Child beauty pageants are inappropriate

This kid should be in tap dance class fully clothed

Child beauty pageants are inappropriate

Ew- just no

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