Lesbian Marriages Much More Common than Gay Ones

barbie lesbian weddingOriginally Posted 10/28/2015

This article from England “Lesbian Couples are More Likely to Wed” states “The figures show there were 4,059 lesbian weddings in the first 15 months following new laws on gay marriage – compared to 3,307 among male couples.” And “This is despite surveys carried out by the Office for National Statistics suggesting that in the population as a whole there are twice as many gay men as lesbians.” One should note that there are also a lot of bisexual women, more than bisexual men, and more than lesbians in most recent studies. There are some bisexuals in same-sex relationships but it is a small minority.

The article also mentions the fact that lesbians/bisexual women are more likely to dissolve their official relationships than male couples. That is something I talk about extensively here. I believe less gay men enter legal unions, but the ones that do have more stable relationships. My personal preference is for the gay male model. Don’t commit until you are really sure. Legal divorces are messy. It will be interesting to see how same-sex divorce rates will play out with full marital equality.

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