Had Lesbian Sex with Weed Lube and it was Awesome

I want sex now! Then Haagen-Daz!
I want sex now! Then Haagen-Daz!

*FYI:  Weed lube is oil based and not latex safe. You can get high from ingesting it. Although some oils may not be best to use internally, coconut oil is recommended as safe by several websites.

I am in my forties now and do not get high anymore. I spent my entire teenage age years sucking on joints, bongs, and even home-made pipes made out of plastic hollow pens and tinfoil (I shudder and cringe so hard every time I think of that). God I was a stupid teenager. I stopped liking it at age 19 and feel I have smoked enough weed for one lifetime. I don’t do any drugs now other than moderate alcohol use.

When I used marijuana in the past at times it could have an aphrodisiac effect on me and I thought it may be a fun thing for my wife and I to do occasionally. She’s not a big fan of weed either. In fact, she was a very straight-edged, virginal, mama’s girl young person who never tried any drugs until her late thirties. She rarely even drinks alcohol. Her one true love is of psychedelic mushrooms which she does very occasionally usually while partying out of town. She then will do things like call me up tripping her brains out to tell me that “the cats are shrinking the couch.” Having done psychedelics I am supportive, “Of course the cats are shrinking the couch baby. I understand”

So I actually bought some weed as my wife was willing to smoke some of it before banging each other at some point in time. Just for something different in our active and amazing, but routine sex life. But I just could not bring myself to do it as I don’t like being stoned that much anymore. I’m also very ADD. I once spent 30 minutes looking for a lost purse that was actually on my shoulder. So I really don’t need to ingest any products that will affect my short-term memory and make me lose my important items more than I already do (I had to buy a bluetooth tracker for my wallet and keys). Then to my delight, I read some reviews of the use of weed oil as a sexual lubricant. The claims were that it enhances sex because the THC causes the capillaries to dilate in a similar way that smoking marijuana gives you bloodshot eyes. It only enhances sex for women as the skin on the penis doesn’t absorb the THC. And it does this without getting you high, which I don’t want to be. So I went off happily to buy some at Ganga Goddess in my state where it is legal. I was skeptical it would do anything at all because so often products are way over-hyped.

The directions are to use several pumps of oil and spread it in and around the vaginal area. Claims are that weed oil takes 30 minutes to an hour to have an effect when used this way. The product I used was Ethos Temptress. It is marketed as a massage oil, not a sexual enhancer. It is made from coconut oil and also contains a very mild smelling rose extract. I love the smell of rose oil and the smell of marijuana. So I actually couldn’t resist the sensual scent of the cannabis, rose, and my beautiful wife’s pussy. I just had to go down on her. Very pleasant experience. The taste is very mild. After about 30 minutes I did feel a mild buzz I assume from ingesting it because we used a lot of pumps of it actually. I doubt a regular pot smoker would feel much of anything. It wasn’t the kind of super intense high from one too many bong hits that could possible make you too out of it or worse, paranoid. It was very relaxing actually. We also just liked the way the oil felt when grinding on each other. We never need to use lube but many people prefer the feel of oil to water based lube, as do I. So if you don’t need to protect latex or your toys go for it. We did our thing in our favorite positions and both got off very hard. My partner and I both found the effect was subtle but we definitely felt it. My wife got off twice but 2 or 3 times in a row is normal for (lucky) her. But the orgasms were longer and more intense. For me the orgasm did feel different. I can’t even exactly describe how it was different, just different. But it was great and it lasted a long time. So 2 out of 2 lady lovers give weed oil as lubricant the thumbs up.

Prices vary. It’s not cheap, $25-$50 a bottle depending on size and brand.

Willie Nelson does not have a vagina but if he did, his vagina would approve of weed lube

Ethos Temptress in Washington is the product I used. I recommend it for the mild hint of rose that doesn’t leave any perfume taste.

Bond is another Washington Sate product. And that Stranger article that reviews it states “She pointed out that women are statistically less likely to try cannabis products in general, let alone walk into a weed store and ask a scruffy dude about something as personal as their sexual health.” I did in fact, have to ask a “scruffy dude” for a weed infused sexual lubricant as they were out of the specific product I was looking for. But he was sweet, non-creepy, and friendly.

Fiora is available in Colorado, and California

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Um, I don’t need to mention NOT to drink a whole bottle right?

This woman used weed lube to relieve her cramps.

This bisexual women didn’t think it was anything special or like the floral taste. I just really disagree. Flowers and pussy are a great combination IMO.

Originally Published 11/23/2015

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